We Focus on Solving Challenging Problems

Our Mission at Process Data Insights is to optimize your manufacturing process, improve your product quality, and decrease defects & variability. Our goal is to solve your difficult problems and create predictive models for the benefit of your business.

Our Advantage and Strength is the Expert Utilization of Many Different Powerful Methods

Process Data Insights uses combined data analytics power to learn and report necessary insights and knowledge about your process. These methods and algorithms include:

Advanced statistics, regression, support vector machine (SVM) classification, cross-correlation, principal component analysis (PCA), independent component analysis (ICA), neural networks (NN), deep learning, optimization, fast Fourier transform (FFT), and wavelets.

Advanced Consulting and Training

Consulting and assistance for your engineers and data scientists on how to solve problems with the right methods and tools. Advanced customized on-site and remote training courses on different methods can be arranged.

AWS Secure Cloud Computing

We utilize Amazon Web Services (AWS) for secure scalable cloud computing for machine learning (ML) and advanced data visualization and analytics. Amazon SageMaker, TensorFlow and other ML platforms are used.

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