President and Founder, Esa Vilkama, has over 25 years of experience in applying and teaching machine learning and advanced data analytics for challenging problems in manufacturing.

Esa holds a Licentiate degree in Information and Computer Science, and a MS in Technical Physics. His expertise includes AI, machine learning, neural networks, advanced data analytics and visualization, Spotfire, regression, FFT, wavelets, ICA, SPC, DOE, SQL, cross-correlation, LabVIEW and Excel VBA. >AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner. >AWS Certified Machine Learning Specialty.


Chief Science Officer, Filip Mulier, PhD, is a creative and versatile data scientist with 5 years foundational machine learning experience in industrial and retail sectors, along with 20 years of experience leading software development teams.  

He holds a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering and is co-author of the Machine Learning textbook “Learning from Data: Concepts, Theories and Methods”.  His experience includes optimizing coating and extrusion manufacturing processes leveraging neural networks and tree-based statistical techniques.  He also has experience applying convolutional neural networks and other deep learning methods for learning from image and audio data.


VISION: Optimize manufacturing processes by finding insights in data for solving challenging problems.

MISSION: The mission of Process Data Insights, LLC is to optimize your manufacturing processes and improve product quality by finding causes of defects and excessive variability.

VALUES: 1) Uncompromising integrity and business ethics; 2) Exceeding customer expectations; 3) Team work and collaboration; 4) Continuous improvement and learning.